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I recently watched an episode of Parts Unknown filmed in Miami with the late Anthony Bourdain where he asks Iggy Pop to describe his perfect day. He spoke about not being on a schedule and the sun appearing as a “hazy tropical orange orb”. Looking back to my first evening in Brighton these words resonated […]

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Victorian railway station up for sale in South Yorkshire

Victorian railway station up for sale in South Yorkshire

Chapeltown Central near Sheffield comes with platform, waiting rooms and ticket hall

The former Chapeltown Central station near Sheffield
The property has a guide price of £250,000. Photograph: Mark Jenkinson & Son

Enthusiasts hoping to own a small part of Britain’s railway history are in luck. A Victorian station, complete with platform, waiting rooms and ticket hall, has gone on sale in South Yorkshire.

The former Chapeltown Central station near Sheffield will be auctioned next month with a guide price of £250,000. The auctioneer Mark Jenkinson & Son said the building – part of which has been converted into a family home – provided a unique restoration opportunity.

As well as three bedrooms and almost an acre of land, the building comes with the original ticket office and an overgrown station platform. And if you feel you don’t spend enough time in station waiting rooms, the property comes with first, second and third-class ones for you to enjoy.

The original station opened in 1854, but a larger one was built and opened in 1877. It was part of the former South Yorkshire Railway’s Blackburn Valley line between Ecclesfield East and Westwood, and was closed to passenger trains in 1954 and to goods trains in 1987.

Adrian Little from Mark Jenkinson & Son told the BBC: “Allegedly, there is a ghost of somebody or ghosts of persons who were killed during the air raid whilst they were loading Churchill tanks on to the railway track [during the second world war]. But the current owners never reported any paranormal activity.”

In May, the Yorkshire Post reported that Little Weighton station, a stop on the former Hull and Barnsley Railway, was on sale for £850,000. The station in the Yorkshire Wolds, which was closed to passenger traffic in 1955, now has five bedrooms and six reception rooms. It has a converted ticket office, waiting room and station master’s office.

Brighton | UK — Kerry Murray Photography | Travel Photography in Portugal

Last year we visited one of my closest friends in Brighton and spent a few days exploring the town and surrounding countryside. I must admit that living in the UK has never been something that appeals to me so I haven´t spent much time on this rainy island… I have a penchant for countries with […]

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Film Communication

Humans have been communicating with one another with pictures since they lived in caves in the Palaeolithic Age about 25,000 years ago. Throughout the centuries painters have  strode to master the art of depicting the world as they see it, around them, spending considerable years studying the work of other artists and several hours perfecting their own canvases to make them seem to live and move. There is a new art form- moving pictures!

Since Edison got film working around the 1890s a new dynamic has been added – the images are no longer stationary. The people working in moving pictures in many lands for the best part of a century  have have evolved a set of principles of putting shots together which appear to succeed in communicating coherently with millions of people, speaking many languages, who the film-maker never meets. The language of film-making is universal.

We know story-telling using moving pictures is more of an art than a science, yet it is possible to formalise the shots that are used and the most effective ways to put them together. To know these principles is no limitation on what a person may do with the camera, but it is of course, useful common ground for all moving picture camera users.

Of course some of the filming camera shots are so well known that the public know their names – the Close-Up for instance.

Conventional Shots

The shots that cameramen are taught to be able to put instantly on screen when called for are:

  • LS –    Long Shot – A balanced Long Shot shows a person full lengnth.
  • MLS- Medium Long Shot
  • MS-   Medium Shot (or Mid Shot) – Half length shot of a person, it tells us more about their appearance.
  • MCU- Medium Close Up (often referred as Close Shot (CS)
  • CU-    Close Up – Collar of shirt to top of the head or in some cases cutting top of the head.